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Awesome Brushes

Love them very much.. These brushes are very gentle on my face when applying my SteBeat Beauty products on.. The best brushes I've ever used..

Powder Brush This has the soft, plush feel you expect from a powder brush with a domed head to give you control. The oversized head applies product evenly and lightly over the skin.

Blush Brush Will give the perfect sweep of blush or bronzer onto your cheeks.

Stipple Brush luxurious stippling brush used to stipple on foundation for a flawless finish or sweep on color for a diffused, natural look.

Highlight Brush Hit the all the highlights on your face and skin with this brush for that glowing glistening look.

Contour Brush A full, soft angled brush that will fit effortlessly into the hollows of the cheeks and around the curves of the face for a perfect sculpt. Also can be use to highlight and blush. 

Foundation Brush For that  full coverage in the foundation department, this is the brush for you. It paints the foundation onto your skin giving you that flawless finish.

High Quality Nylon hair

Made of aluminum (Rose gold color)

Handmade Wood, matte black finish

Rose Gold aluminum ferrule, Matte Black wooden handle